Hogsback proves popular for gay weddings

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The warm & embracing local culture of Hogsback together with its enchanting natural beauty makes it a very popular wedding destination for LGBTQ weddings.  And since gay marriage is legal even for foreigners visitng South Africa, there are many who come to celebrate their devotion to their partners even if their marriage is not recognised in their own countries.

Destination Weddings are growing exponentially – Traditional one-day weddings are being replaced with a weekend or more of ceremony, celebration and socialising, where family and friends celebrate together in  memorable revelry. Hogsback provides the venues, sights, activities, entertainment, adventure and accommodation required for an unforgettable wedding weekend.

This delightful and loving couple, Louis & Chad, celebrated their marriage after almost 18 years of being together. What an honour to perform a meaningful water-ceremony at Waterfall Cathedral, Hogrock Falls, for them in honour of their commitment and love.

A love & delight-filled day. Nicky & Kelsey wanted to get married in the forest – so we created a forest venue for them, and they got married in front of a giant tree whose double trunk converged into one at the base – such a special time